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October 2014

"No More Mr. Nice Guy" with Miguel A Nunez Jr


September 2014

Maultsby Actor Scott Rocco interview in Yonkers Rising Newspaper, Vol. 109 No. 36


August 2014

Maultsby Actor Kirk Lambert in The Big' A': Scenes from a Vanishing Landscape

Maultsby Actor Kirk Lambert in The Big' A': Scenes from a Vanishing Landscape
Because theater is such an important thing for actors, I want to share some feedback on my recent performances.  They mean a great deal to me, but they are reflective of a true team effort and a wonderful script:  The Big’A’: Scenes from a Vanishing Landscape
Last month I had the pleasure of portraying a 70+ year old victim of Alzheimer’s and cancer at the Atlas Performing Arts Center.  It was a physical, emotional, and spiritual journey I will never forget.  I am happy that this journey was appreciated by others.
-- … and the actors, especially Kirk Lambert as the dad, Alan, Lois Bernstein as his wife Janice, and Mack Leamon as Lou, succeed mightily; playing their roles with such vulnerability and courage. This is highly personal stuff going on in The Big Aand we are fortunate to be taken on this journey with these brave souls
--In a scene where Lambert calls his son to complain about his caretaker having to be near him when he bathes, Lambert delivers a powerful and heartbreaking performance. – DC Metro Theater Arts
--Lambert effectively conveys Alan’s isolation and fear in some of the play’s most impactful moments.  – DC Theatre Scene

Now, to get the CDs to believe this hype:)
August 2014

Rebecca in new buddy comedy, "Let's Be Cops"

Rebecca in new buddy comedy,

Congratulations to Maultsby Actress Rebecca on her role in the new buddy comedy, "Let's Be Cops" starring Daymon Wayans Jr. and Jake Johnson! The movie is released in theaters, come out to see Rebecca in action and enjoy the fun!!

May 2013

Michael Sidisin On The Set Of Revolution

Michael Sidisin On The Set Of Revolution

I had the unbelievable privilege to play “Tim Clancy”, on NBC’s hit show “REVOLUTION”! The episode I had the good fortune of working on was called “The Love Boat”!


My luck didn’t stop there as I was reunited with the fantastic director, Charles Beeson, whom I had the pleasure of working with previously on an episode of the “THE MENTALIST”!


The wonderful Cast and Crew were like family and made my experience an unforgettable one! I was also fortunate that my scene was pivotal, not only in bringing two conflicting sides of the revolution together, but also in bringing two of the best actors in the business, Billy Burke and Giancarlo Esposito together. I basically woke up that morning and a few hours later, landed a front row seat to some of the best acting exchanges I’ve ever been a part of. Unbelievable and tons of fun! I learned so much from this experience and I can’t thank Maultsby enough for making it possible! Thank you so much!

April 2013

Maultsby Actor Erica Lea Shelton on Army Wives

Maultsby Actor Erica Lea Shelton on Army Wives

I had an amazing Army Wives experience from start to finish. I had an early call time and when I got to set at 5:45 a.m. the place was busy already. I met with the base camp PA who took me to my trailer and brought me coffee (she knows her stuff!) :) When make-up/hair was ready, I went over to start my wonderful army bun. Wendy Davis and Ashanti came in about 5 minutes later to get their make-up and hair done. Even so early in the morning, you could tell that cast and crew were great friends. Everyone was extremely welcoming.


Once camera ready and in wardrobe, we went to the sound stage for Colonel Burton’s office. Everyone from the producer, writers and DP came up to welcome me on my first day there. For my second visit a few weeks later, they seemed genuinely pleased to have me back and gave giant hugs. I was also lucky enough to have the same director for my episodes, Brian McNamara (General Holden), who was also extremely helpful and equally talented in both acting and directing.


In between takes, Wendy Davis chatted up and a storm. The entire cast and crew made me feel like I have been part of the cast forever. I am super grateful I got be a part of this amazing production team. My only complaint was I wasn’t there long enough!

January 2013

GI Joe 2: Featuring Augustus Cho Theatrical Release moved to March 29, 2013

GI Joe 3: Retaliation has moved the theatrical release to March 29, 2013 to add 3D.

Here is a photo of Maultsby actor Augustus Cho from the set. 

January 2013

Maultsby Actor Augustus Cho cast in lead role in Feature Film "I Hope You Dance."

 Here is a photo of Maultsby actor Augustus Cho from the set of I Hope You Dance.

November 2012

Maultsby Actor Dickson Obahor in We're the Millers

Maultsby Actor Dickson Obahor in We're the Millers

Maultsby actor Dickson Obahor was cast in the role of cop in the feature film "We're the MIllers." Here he is pictured with director Rawson Marshall Thurber on location in Wilmington, NC.

September 2012

Maultsby Actors Book Industrials in NC

Maultsby Talent has had numerous bookings on industrials this month. Each of these projects are filming in North Carolina. We'd like to congratulate the following actors on a job well done.


Harris Teeter Industrial:


Meghan Jean Parker


Food Lion Industrial:


Brittney S. Harris

Doug Holmes

Bill Moser


Medical Industrial:


Whit Blanchard

August 2012

Catch Maultsby Actress Fay McQueen in The Bourne Legacy

Maultsby actress faye McQueen appears in "The Bourne Legacy" in theaters August 10th. She plays a TSA agent opposite Rachel Weitz at airport check in.

August 2012

Watch Maultsby Actor Larnell Baxter in Anatomy of Love

Catch Maultsby actor Larnell Baxter as "Emory" in "Anatomy of Love." This film is now available on, and also can be seen on Netflix. The movie was filmed on location in Atlanta, Georgia.

August 2012

Maultsby Actor Dickson Obahor films on We're the Millers

Maultsby Actor Dickson Obahor films on We're the Millers

Congratulations to Maultsby actor Dickson Obahor for his booking on feature film We're the Millers. Dickson is cast as a police officer. The film is curently in production in Wilmington, NC and stars Jennifer Anniston, Emma Roberts, Jason Sudeikis, and Ed Helms.

July 2012

Maria Pendolino in Toronto International Film Festival Gala Premiere "English Vinglish"

 Watch Maultsby actress Maria Pendolino in her supporting role in, ENGLISH VINGLISH. The film was selected as a gala premiere for the Toronto International Film Festival.


In the film Maria plays Jennifer, the receptionist at the Learn to Speak English school.

July 2012

Christopher Stadulis on White Collar 7/31 at 9pm EST

Christopher Stadulis on White Collar 7/31 at 9pm EST

Don't miss Maultsby actor Christopher Stadulis in a Co-star role as a paramedic on "White Collar" opposite Matt Bomer and Judith Ivey. The episode airs on July 31st on USA network at 9pm EST.

June 2012

Jeff Joslin in Madea's Witness Protection - Opens Nationwide July 29, 2012

Make sure to catch Maultsby actor Jeff Joslin in Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection Program.


Jeff Joslin plays Lucas in Madea's Witness Protection Program. Lucas is the federal prosecutor who helps Eugene Levy into the witness protection program with Madea's family. The film opens June 29, and was filmed on location in Atlanta, GA.

February 2012

Maultsby Actor Ken Arnold in Men In Black 3

Maultsby Actor Ken Arnold in Men In Black 3

This Memorial Day weekend look for Maultsby Talent NYC actor Ken Arnold in Men In Black 3. Ken will appear with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones in the 3rd installment of Men In Black. Due to confidentiality, we cannot release his role at this time. But make sure to check out Men In Black 3 Memorial Day weekend 2012.



February 2012

Watch for Maultsby Talent NYC actor Michael Emery on Blue Bloods February, 17

Watch for Michael Emery this Friday in Blue Bloods on CBS. Michael plays the role of Phil Daelman, who likes to cause a little trouble.


BLUE BLOODS Episode "Parenthood" airs this Friday Februry 17th at 10pm/9c on CBS -- STORY LINE: When an illegal immigrant gets violently robbed by two "legal" thugs, and one of the assailants winds up dead, a miscarriage of justice may be in the works...

January 2012

NYC Maultsby Actor Jeff Joslin lands supporting role on Tyler Perry's Latest Film

NYC Maultsby Actor Jeff Joslin lands supporting role on Tyler Perry's Latest Film

For immediate Release: January 30, 2012 


New York City Based Actor Jeff Joslin Lands a Supporting Role as a Federal Prosecutor in Tyler Perry’s Latest Film, Madea’s Witness Protection

New York based actor and Knoxville, TN native Jeff Joslin, has been cast as a Federal Prosecutor in Tyler Perry’s latest film Madea’s Witness Protection.


(Wilmington, NC - January 30th, 2012) – Tyler Perry Studios with their latest franchise film, Madea’s Witness Production, has cast New York based actor and Knoxville Tennessee native, Jeff Joslin, in a supporting role as a Federal Prosecutor in the next installment of the Madea movies. Tyler Perry will star in two roles, one as a federal prosecutor and as the larger-than-life grandmother character Madea. Jeff Joslin will play Tyler Perry’s boss.


It’s also been announced this past weekend by The Hollywood Reporter, that the film has an all-star cast that includes Eugene Levy, Denise Richards, Tom Arnold, Doris Roberts, Danielle Campbell and rapper-turned actor Romeo Miller.


Filming is to begin next week in Atlanta, Georgia. Madea’s Witness Protection is an upcoming comedy-drama film, which is directed by, written by and produced by Tyler Perry. This will be the seventh film in the Madea franchise.


Jeff Joslin appeared in two television series last year in a recurring role as CSM Dennis Devlin in the 5th season of Army Wives, and as an attorney on Drop Dead Diva. Last year, he also appeared as Maria Bello's no count ex-husband Gary, in the recently released film Carjacked. He’s also appeared over the past few years in All My Children, As The World Turns, Gossip Girl, several independent films, national and regional commercials, several print campaigns and as a stuntman in Polish Brother's film, Smell of Success. He booked this role and three others from a taped audition through the Maultsby Talent agency, which has a home office in Wilmington, NC.


Jeff Joslin, a former high school, college and professional quarterback in the Canadian Football League; led Carson Newman College to back to back National Championships in ’83-’84. After working in business, ministry and non-profit work he entered the entertainment industry in January ’06. He moved to New York City in August ’06. He’s also started a small production company that has released a few independent films that he’s directed, written, produced and acted in.


He’s the father of three grown sons. The oldest Jeffrey is a musician in Los Angeles California, Justice is a professional football receiver trying out for the NFL out of Los Angeles and the youngest son Javan, is a walk on football player at UT Knoxville.


November 2011

Augustus Cho from the set of GI Joe 2

Filming around New Orleans, thanks to the State of Louisiana's tax incentives - based on their long term fiscal vision. There are a number of movies being done here, which could have easily been in NC.


As for the G I Joe 2 movie, it's been great: Top notch crew, cast, hair & make-up to catering and so on...


To Maultsby family: Be ready for when your call comes!

October 2011

Maultsby Actor, Augustus Cho, cast in GI Joe 2: Retaliation

Maultsby Actor, Augustus Cho, cast in GI Joe 2: Retaliation

CHAPEL HILL (MCT) — Town Council candidate Augustus Cho has landed an acting job in a major movie being filmed in New Orleans.



Cho said he will play the role of a North Korean leader in the movie "G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation," which stars Brue Willis, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Channing Tatum, among others.


The movie, a sequel to "G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra," which was released in 2009, is schedule to hit theaters in June 2012.


Before Tuesday, few people knew that Cho is an actor, and he said he wanted to keep it that way to keep his professional life separate from his political life.


But Cho said in an interview Tuesday that keeping his acting career secret is no longer an option because of the magnitude of the film.


"This is the biggest role of my career in terms of casting," Cho said.


Cho publicly announced landing the role Tuesday in a statement read by his campaign manager Melody Parrish during a candidates' forum sponsored by Community Empowerment Fund, EmPOWERment, The Jackson Center, NAACP and Neighbors for Responsible Growth.

"As this statement is being read to you, I am in the city of New Orleans with a role in an upcoming Hollywood movie distributed by Paramount Pictures," Cho said in the statement.


He said he will monitor the news and developments in Chapel Hill "in between shoots and break time."


While the movie is the largest project of his acting career, Cho also appeared in an episode of the popular HBO series "Eastbound and Down."

He has also appeared in television commercials and print advertising.


Cho, one of nine candidates vying for four seats on town council, said he will be in New Orleans for the next two weeks and return to the Crescent City in November for additional filming.


Patty Strader, president of Wilmington-based Maultsby Model and Talent Agency, which represents Cho, said he is a great actor who is headed for great things.


"We really prize him here," Strader said. "He is really talented. He's gone up the ladder quickly and this will definitely lead to some bigger roles."

June 2011

NY actor Mark Tallman books on Damages

NY actor Mark Tallman books on Damages

Congratulations to Mark Tallman for his role on Damages in the role of Robert Franks. 


"This is me shooting out on location on the set of Damages in my role as Robert Franks, a special ops soldier who works with a contracting group over in Afghanistan...the guy with me is Jack Gwaltney, who plays the role of Thomas Lowry."



April 2011

More of Maultsby's NY Talent books Army Wives

Maultsby Talent NY's Ashley Shelton tells us of her experience on Army Wives:


I have to be honest when I arrived on set I expected to be in a holding room next to a table with Doritos and coffee, waiting all day for a PA to call my name, not that anytime I get to spend on a set is unappreciated but its a waiting game sometimes. But what I experienced was quite the opposite! I was treated like a queen by the wonderful crew of Army Wives. Everyone was SO nice and knew my name, it was like a dream. I also expected super long days on set, but the Army Wives crew works fast to get things done and get the cast and crew home to their families at the end of the night. It really is a family atmosphere on their set and I am very blessed that I got to be apart of their niche in Charleston for 2 great days! I would love to go back to the Hump Bar again as Karen, until then they have definitely gained a fan!


March 2011



Maultsby Talent NY's actor Jeff Joslin talks about "Carjacked"...

Back in the middle of November 2010, I got the opportunity from an agent in Baton Rouge, LA to tape an audition for a Supporting Role on the feature film Carjacked as Maria Bello's no count ex-husband. I've taped several of these over the years with Maultsby Talent, so I didn't think much about it when I sent it in. Around December 2nd I get an email that the production wanted to check my availability for Dec. 7th. I told them of course but because of travel, I needed a good advance notice. Long story short, that didn't happen. I was notified via email on Dec. 6th by the agent, a little before noon that I was booked to shoot the one day scene on Tuesday Dec. 7th. So I scrambled to find a flight out of NYC, due to the weather at that time, none were available with less that a 12-14 hour layover. So I checked BWI. Yes, a flight leaving at 5:30 pm which was at least 3 1/2 hours from me in Weehawken, NJ. I left at 1:00 pm, made to BWI at 4:15 pm. Needless to say I was anxious. All went well, shot it and returned home on December 8th.



Maultsby Talent NY's actor Jeff Joslin talks about "Army Wives"...

I had the opportunity a short time later in the middle of December, with Maultsby Talent to tape an audition for possible recurring role on Army Wives as CSM Hector Diaz. I didn't see myself as that character and I thought they were looking an ethnic character. I passed on it. The next week, the Army Wives Casting Director, resent the role through Maultsby Talent and said don't worry about the character name just send in a tape. I liked role and decided well, there is Cameron Diaz, so I can act like I'm her military relative... haha.. I decided to do my best so that if I didn't get this role, I would at least be noticed for another role. I did the research on the the Army rankings and the relationship to the person in the scene, lead Army Wife Wendy Davis, "Lt. Col. Joan Burton". I taped the scene and didn't think much about it. The day before Christmas I get a call from Maultsby Talent saying I booked the role. I was elated that this was the second booking off of a taped audition. When I arrived on set the first day, I met both directors of the two scenes I was going to shoot. They told me I nailed it and was exactly what they wanted and had the look they wanted. The Casting Director found me on set and told me, they had told him when they sent out the casting, they didn't want a caucasian character for this role but my audition was so spot on that they decided to change the character's name to CSM Dennis Devlin. So don't discount any audition. Do one so well they want you so bad they'll do whatever they can to book you.