Hey Victor and Tisha! Although I'm on a shoot, I'm taking time (always time on a shoot) to thank Maultsby's Victor and Tisha with whom I've worked a year, during which my horizon's strengthened in NYC to include the recent OPPENHEIMER shoot and beyond NYC to include recent shoots in SC. They even got me principally cast by an LA CD for THE APP. Go Maultsby Team! You keep bringing me to bat and I'll keep going for the fences.

Maultsby Actor Bern Cohen
Everybody at team Maultsby works diligently for their clients. Very proud to be apart of the team of actors, looking forward to many bookings. 
Maultsby Actor Danny Doherty

Thank you Maultsby for booking the opportunity to work on Army Wives.  What a phenomenal experience all the way around.  The cast, the crew and the city of Charleston were all amazing.  And to get to work with veteran stars like Harry Hamlin and Kim Delaney was an experience I will never forget.  You couldn't ask for a more perfect shoot.

Thanks Again!  You guys rock!


Maultsby Actor Ken Arnold

From day one the Maultsby Talent staff have been such a blessing to my life and my acting career. Maultsby got me great auditions, work, and helped get my resume in order. I look at the relationship I have with Maultsby more like a Family/Team. Everyone does their part to work like a well-oiled machine.


I have to say this was one of the best choices I have ever made in my life, and I would do it again. Even when I make it big, I would love for Maultsby to represent me. I will be with Maultsby as long as they will represent me...

VJ about the Maultsby Family

Thanks a million and know that it cound not have happened without the knowledge and teachings of Maultsby and their professional staff. Maultsby makes learning FUN!

Ricky about The Maultsby Staff

The Secret Life of Bees (1-13-2008)



Thank you for being my other mini me! You are such a beautiful girl and I was honored to meet you!

Love, Dakota Fanning to Maultsby Actress ADDY MILLER

I have been an actor with Maultsby Talent for more than ten years now. It has been, without a doubt, one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Maultsby's genuine interest and concern for their actors far exceeds a basic business relationship and I have personally witnessed this on more than one occasion.Through Maultsby Talent's impeccable work ethic and commitment to my personal success I have been given endless opportunities to not only launch lifelong ambitions but to actually see them come to fruition. Thanks to the efforts of Maultsby Talent, personal roles on television, film and commercials have all become a reality for my actor's resume. Thank you so much Maultsby Talent. I will be forever grateful.

Cathy Scearce about the Maultsby Team

Maultsby Model & Talent Agency is among the best agencies in the country due to the booking agents, staff, interns and talent that work with Maultsby every day. 

Thank you all for your powerful work ethics and total concern for all those you encounter. 

Patty Strader of The Talent Source Training Center